Apparel Business (Japan)

The Apparel Business operates the domestic apparel business, which includes core operating company Onward Kashiyama, and the overseas apparel business in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Apparel Business (Japan)

We offer various brands at department stores, shopping centers, and other commercial complexes, directly managed stand-alone stores, our e-commerce website, third-party e-commerce shopping malls, etc., while also having business-to-business operations, such as the uniform business for corporate clients.

Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.

The Group's core operating company Onward Kashiyama is a comprehensive apparel manufacturer of men's, women's, and children's clothing. Leveraging the long-cultivated planning, development, and technological capabilities that constitute our strengths as a manufacturer, we are pursuing maximization of both the brand value and the product value.

We offer women's and men's core brands and mainstay brands, such as Nijyusanku, ICB, Jiyuku, J. PRESS, and Gotairiku, primarily at department stores and brands such as any SiS and any FAM at shopping centers. We also operate directly managed stores for such brands as JOSEPH, Paul Smith, and TOCCA at commercial complexes etc. to communicate the brands' vision and message to consumers.

Our brands whose main sales channel is e-commerce are uncrave, #Newans, ANEVER, and UNFILO. With the aim of developing these brands as a mainstay business from now on, we are offering an innovative customer experience based on a new business model. We are working to establish a new style of store operation by creating venues where customers can enjoy the maximum benefits of both online and offline experiences through OMO (Online Merges with Offline) stores, a new business format offering the services of physical stores combined with those of online stores.

Island Co., Ltd.

Island is focused on women's brands, such as Grace Continental and Diagram. The designers are globetrotters who bring back the materials and the inspiration they discover overseas, reflecting them in the brands' original items. The brands offered by Island have earned the allegiance of sophisticated women. With the theme of "clothing for real fashion lovers," Island caters to women who are uncompromising in their pursuit of elegance.

Onward Personal Style Co., Ltd.

Onward Personal Style launched the KASHIYAMA brand, a new made-to-order business, in October 2017 with the aim of "democratizing made to order." In addition to KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor stores and Guideshops nationwide, on-site measurement at the customer's home and office are available. Customers can order subsequent garments from the online store. The factory-to-customer (F2C) business model has achieved direct delivery of made-to-order suits straight from the factory to the customer within as little as one week from order placement.

Tiaclasse Co., Ltd.

Tiaclasse offers the Tiaclasse brand whose concept is "elegant style for adults" in their thirties and above. This brand is sold solely through e-commerce. Excelling in close communication with customers via digital technology, Tiaclasse reflects customer needs in product planning meticulously and swiftly. One-piece dresses, the brand's main items, notable for their stylish flowing silhouette achieved through excellent design using carefully selected materials, have gained a loyal following among customers.

Intimates Co., Ltd.

Intimates offers the lingerie brand Chut! INTIMATES at physical stores and online stores. Intimates proposes new lingerie items that delight discerning women who want something a little special but relaxing for their lingerie, fashion, and everyday lives.

Mulberry Japan Co., Ltd.

Established in 2017 to jointly promote the brand business in Japan with Mulberry Group plc of the UK, Mulberry Japan operates the retailing, wholesale and e-commerce business of the Mulberry brand. Mulberry Japan is striving to grow the business by combining the Onward Group's knowledge and experience in the branded apparel business with Mulberry Group's expertise in global business development and digital distribution capabilities.

Onward Digital Lab Co., Ltd.

Onward Digital Lab aims to gain competitive advantage by applying digital technology to create new value and transform business models and processes. In the growing online business, the company operates Onward Crosset, the Onward Group's official fashion online shopping site. By offering diverse services and linking e-commerce with warehouse and store inventory data in real time, the Onward Group is making it easier for customers to purchase exactly what they desire.

Kashiyama Saga Co., Ltd.

Kashiyama Saga, the Onward Group's flagship factory in Japan, manufactures high-value-added women's apparel. This smart factory currently has an annual production capacity of approximately 100,000 garments. By infusing the factory's high-tech capabilities and expertise with digital technology, Kashiyama Saga is increasing production volume while pursuing ever-higher quality and can respond flexibly to various needs ranging from high-mix small-lot production to large-lot production with short delivery lead times.

Apparel Business (Japan) (for corporate clients)

Product Service Businesses

Onward Trading Co., Ltd.

Onward Trading operates the uniform business (company uniforms, school uniforms, medical wear, etc.) and the sales promotion business, proposing solutions to the branding and promotion issues faced by general corporate clients in their respective fields. By deploying an integrated system in which every phase from planning through after-sales service is performed in house and sharing the Onward Group's assets, Onward Trading maximizes synergy to provide high-level responses to various needs of corporate clients.

Platform Service Businesses

By making the Onward Group's production platform available for use by parties outside the Group, we provide original equipment and design manufacturing (OEM/ODM) services for retailers, apparel corporate clients, and other businesses.
We aim to develop a new business model by utilizing product planning, production, and distribution platforms that are trackable and more efficient thanks to data sharing and data linkage coupled with the smart factory functions of Kashiyama (Dalian) Co., Ltd. and Kashiyama Saga.