Lifestyle Business

Capitalizing on the Onward Group's product development and sales capabilities, we create new value and lifestyles with fashionable proposals in a wide variety of fields.

5 Key Businesses

To accelerate growth in the Lifestyle Business segment, we are concentrating the allocation of management resources on the segment's five fields, working to enhance brand value, and promoting expansion of the customer base and sales channels.

Wellness Business

Chacott Co., Ltd.

With its "Make life beautiful from the inside out" brand philosophy, Chacott is promoting comprehensive business development, including the sale of ballet and fitness goods and cosmetics and the operation of ballet schools based on the "From Closed to Open" strategy. While continuing to develop the core ballet business it has fostered since its founding, Chacott has taken a step toward the next stage by ramping up the brands proposing wellness, namely, Chacott BALANCE and Chacott COSMETICS.

Beauty & Cosmetics Business


KOKOBUY offers the "product" brand, a line of natural organic products. The "product" haircare items have earned the utmost confidence of hair stylists and other professional users. Today, they are recognized and favored by a wide range of customers regardless of gender or generation. By offering products of high quality and value at affordable prices, KOKOBUY aims to make natural organic products part of everyday life. KOKOBUY will continue to offer sustainable products that are functional and friendly not only to people's hair and skin but also to the environment.

Pet & Home Life Business

Creative Yoko Co., Ltd.

Creative Yoko plans and sells pet-related products and comfort goods. Shops operated by Creative Yoko include PET PARADISE, which has the top market share for pets' clothing*, Mother garden, and Sirotan Friends Museum. Sirotan, Creative Yoko's proprietary character inspired by a harp seal, embodies the company's philosophy of offering quality merchandise and services that make people feel at ease, peaceful and positive. Mainstay products of Sirotan are soft cuddly toys of various sizes and the company also engages in licensing business.

Gourmet Foods Business

Onward Digital Lab Co., Ltd.
Onward Marche

Onward Marche operated by Onward Digital Lab is an e-commerce site offering high-quality gourmet foods for discerning consumers. Inspired by the "coordinating what is tasty" concept, buyers travel across Japan to talk to producers in search of exquisite culinary masterpieces, choosing only the best based on sight and taste. Like an artist mixing pigments on a palette, the rich assortment of gourmet foods available at the Onward Marche market enriches and adds color to people's everyday lives.

Gifts Business

Yamato Co., Ltd.

Yamato develops gift solutions featuring gift catalogs. Fully utilizing two strengths, namely, the planning and proposal capabilities cultivated through more than 50 years' experience in the gift market and the logistics management function of the headquarters' support center, Yamato has a system in place capable of responding to diversifying needs for gifts. Yamato is strengthening e-commerce and has entered the social gifting space. By developing new products and services, Yamato will offer new value to customers.